AudioNote 2.5

It combines the functionality of note-taking and voice recording apps
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AudioNote is a note-recording tool that synchronizes the recorded audio with any text and images you want to add to it. Thus, this program allows you to create multimedia notes that will add extra value to your recordings. You can index classes, lectures, conferences, and meetings just by recording the audio and synchronizing it with your own written notes and cues. These will become index entries that you can then use to locate specific sections in the audio file in seconds.

Everything is done on the fly while the audio is being recorded. Each time you write a text or add a drawing or image to your note, the program will associate that event to that specific time in the recording, creating an invisible link between your text and the audio associated to it. Thus, your written notes automatically become index entries of the interactive table of contents that you have been building.

Any text you key in or "handwrite" using the freehand tool (Pen Mode) can then be highlighted and edited. Actually, the program's auto-correction tools can check and correct any spelling mistakes automatically. To help you make your brief notes as comprehensive as possible, AudioNote comes with various tables of symbols, so that you can add math, currency, subscripts, superscripts, and other general symbols to your texts accurately and easily. You can take snapshots of your notes or export them to PDF. Finally, both text and audio files can be shared via e-mail with colleagues and friends.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Allows you to import iPad and iPhone notes to your Windows-based PC
  • Exports your notes to PDF
  • Synchronizes audio and text on the fly


  • Limited text editing capabilities
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